• Please use the Gomi manufacturing plant as your own plant
  • Gomi’s House operates its own manufacturing plant. We have a strong competitiveness with the stable manufacturing system and effective human management system. Gomi’s House produces not only its brand products but also hair accessories that are exported worldwide. Use our reliable manufacturing plant of Korea as your own plant.
    • PEOPLE
    • Every personnel in the organization prove the competence of the organization.
  • Competence of the individual personnel directly influences the organization. The organization of Gomi’s House has a strong structure with staff working together for a long time with the passion for globalization of the brand.
    • The first opportunity in Korea! We are recruiting franchises for Gomi’s House, a Korea-made hair accessories brand.
  • Gomi’s House is the first Korea-made hair accessories brand. The entire market for non-brand hair accessories is Gomi’s House’s market.
    • CHANGE your shop
    • It is a new business item for those who already own a business.
  • If you are already a business owner, you can consider taking the “shop-in-shop” concept: bring it into your existing business. Your business could be in any form, such as hair salons, stationery stores, accessory stores, and pharmacies. It helps generating extra income.
    • TRADE
    • You can make a direct transaction at our shop in the Namdaemun (the South Gate of Seoul) arcade.
  • Products for export are usually displayed in the Namdaemun arcade. If you are planning to start wholesale or trade businesses, please visit our shop in the Namdaemun arcade.
    • BRAND
    • We are looking for our potential partners who will work together with us for the globalization of Gomi’s House brand.
  • Gomi’s House has passion not only for domestic markets and product exports but also for the globalization of our brand. We are looking for partners who will co-operate with our prospective brand.

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