• 2002

    A beginning of an accessories business

  • We entered a retail accessory market online. We started to have interest in accessories and began the online business. We handled baby goods and bells on the open market. In the beginning, we purchased products from the retail market and later, from the wholesale market. In the end, we gained a connection with importers. The distribution lines have been gradually reduced.
  • 2005

    No. 1 Open Market Vendor

  • In the field of hair accessories sales on the open market, we recorded no.1 sales.
  • 2007

    Importing accessories from China

  • In 2007, we went back and forth between Korea and the markets in Yiwu and Guangzhou, in order to begin imports. Due to low labor costs, we could purchase products at a low pirce. However, we could not be satisfied with the quality of Chinese products (which had a much lower quality than Korean products) as we strove for high-quality products. Since then, we became keen to make our own brand with high-quality Korean products.
  • 2008

    Launching a new brand, Schlien

  • We launched a registered brand, Schlien, and started to develop our own brand. A directly-managed store was open, which handled domestic products (i.e. made in Korea). While managing a store, we provided after services. In doing so, we started to have some senses about the products and thus, started to make our own products one by one.
  • 2009

    A patent for brain cell activation band

  • Since a business plan of Schlien was adopted as a governmental support business, we have developed materials for activating brain cells. We obtained a patent for them and adapted to a band, which was followed by the production.
  • 2011

    Registration of a brand, Gomi’s House

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