• Gomi’s House runs its own manufacturing plant. It has competitiveness against manufacturing plants in China with a stable managing system and effective human resource management.

  • It is a garage that we used as our plant at the beginning stage. The memory that we made accessories all night long keeps us to have the first mindset. Now, it is used as a warehouse.
  • The exterior of a plant. We were given an opportunity to utilize this excellent building at cheap costs.
  • The maximum number of personnel is 40 people. The core of the competitiveness of Gomi’s plant is a flexible system of the personnel allocation depending on order quantities.
  • The panorama of the surroundings. A family of Gomi’s House works at a plant on a beautiful countryside. Our mind is as beautiful as the nature, and so are our products.
  • We work at night, too. But we never force anyone to work. We have a vision: if we have some work left, we definitely finish it up on time, even though we have to work overnight.
  • A blueprint of a new plant. A new factory is designed to provide a pleasant working environment to our staff – no more working in the heat or cold.
  • A site where a new plant will be built. The future is waiting for us with the growth of Gomi’s House brand. We are excited about taking a step towards the globalization.
  • Landscape of a plant to be built
  • factory
  • factory

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