• Each of the personnel proves the competency of the organization. We have the best teamwork that we have been working together for several years.

  • “I never accept a pint of glue”
  • Mrs. Mija, our fussy quality manager. Her nature of being a perfectionist does not allow any error in our plant. Everyone else is waiting for her small mistake but she never shows any mistake.
  • “My brain is almost having pins and needles.”
  • Our unique, distinctive new products – designed by So Hee. Her incredible creativity has been writing up a myth of bulk orders and hot sellers. New products designed by her are so creative that consumers do not get any hint of where they have to wear them.
  • “Folks, no transportations are operating at this time.”
  • Soft charisma, Hee Yeon, a chief of sideline department. We forget about her existence all day long. She always talks softly and never shows off what he has done. Thanks to her modesty, no one has conflicts in a plant where dozens of staff work together. They are so into work that they are not aware of what others are doing. We finally recognize her at the closing time. We do not have our own cars, which means we are working overtime tonight.
  • I do not expect anything.
  • The only man in our plant, Baek Gu. He is positive in every matter and exemplary to others. Everyone regards him as their role model. He is the youngest to take on errands of every personnel. He always wants to help others so he voluntarily does errands for others.
  • Please do not ask me. Please don’t!!
  • So Yeon, our saleswoman. She is in charge of franchise sales. So many people ask her for a franchise license but our chic saleswoman always says, “I will ask my boss.” No one took a hint of the fact that she is actually manipulating our boss.
  • Quickly to 100 pieces, soon later, 200 pieces.
  • A super high-speed production machine, Hye Eun. She has the highest production speed. She makes products two to three times faster than others; so they get caught into a speed competition naturally. She has the quickest hands in the world.

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